My Love Affair with Firefly

I was first introduced to Firefly about a year after it had gone off the air via a comment by one of my many geeky friends. I thought, why not and proceeded to watch the show, first on a lent pair of DVDs and then soon after, on my own copy.

The Cast of Firefly
The Cast of Firefly

I’m Chaotic Good by nature and have always been more of a fan of Han compared to Luke. I’m a geek through-and-through, always on the outside looking in at popular culture. Is it a surprise that Firefly caught my heart then? A group of outcasts banding together on the other side of the law, living on the edge with their own set of morals?

It’s not just Mal that I love though, Inara made my mouth go dry, Kaylee made me smile, Wash and Zoe made my heart melt and Jayne cracked me up. River and Simon were interesting additions to the ship, even if River was more a plot point than a character in the first episode. Overall, I was ready to fall in-love with the series and I did.

It’s amazing the chemistry they had, and the sheer fun that that seemed to permeate the show. More than that though, Joss managed to create a world that seemed alive. So, I watched it again and again and then watched Serenity when it came out.

I’ve managed to make it to multiple ‘Can’t Stop the Signal’ events, helping to raise money and have even managed to meet both Morenna and Jewel in-person. Both are as lovely as they seem, and while I no longer watch the series regularly it’s still got a special place in my heart.

My love affair with Serenity